Antarctica Flights

The One ‘Overseas’ Trip You Can Take Soon

I was lucky enough to visit Antarctica in 2018 and it is the most memorable travel experience that I have ever had. I still struggle to find the words to fully describe what the experience is. Its size, the colour, the vastness – SIGH!

The Qantas 787 Dreamliner has been privately chartered by Antarctica Flights and will do a total of seven flights to the white continent from November this year through to February 2021, from most capital cities. 

From Brisbane on 07 February 2021, take to the skies to see the vast white wilderness of Antarctica within a day. At a time when international travel is on pause, it is still possible to take the world’s most unforgettable sightseeing flight, only available from Australia, with no luggage or passport required!


12 to 14-hour flights – from $3,999 – $7,999

Antarctica Scenic Flights

Feb 2021

Each flight is 12-14 hours and provides a full day Antarctic experience, with Polar Expeditioners on board to talk through the extraordinary environment on view. 

Antarctica Flights from Australia

In one day

Departure dates and locations are as follows:

Melbourne – 15 November 2020

Sydney – 22 November 2020

Melbourne – 31 December 2020

Perth – 26 January 2021

Brisbane – 7 February 2021

Adelaide – 14 February 2021

Sydney – 21 February 2021


Prices start at
$3,999 for a Super Economy Class and range up to $7,999 for a Premium Class Deluxe

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