Car Hire

When you feel the need to hit the road and add some freedom to your holiday plans renting a car or a motorhome is a fantastic option.  Driveaway Holidays offers a range of car hire companies so that you can compare rates and vehicle types.

Use the live search engine here to make a reservation.  By using this reservation tool your booking still includes support from your dedicated Designers of Travel at Highfields Travel and Cruise during your holiday.

Don’t forget you may need an international drivers permit

When hiring a car overseas, it is strongly recommended that you obtain an International Drivers Permit.  

These permits become valid for 12 months from issue. These permits can be issued at your local RACQ office or equivalent.  

You can download the form below, and don’t forget to take along a recent passport photo and your current drivers licence.  The current cost is $39AUD but is subject to change without notice.  When you collect your hire car please ensure you have both your current drivers licence and your International Drivers Permit.